HPEC has a large group of over 300 faculty and staff members who possess a wide range of academic and professional experiences, credentials, and skills. The School is led by Fang Dongling, President of HPEC. She is a 1990 graduate of East China Normal University in Shanghai where she majored in psychology. She has had a highly successful career highlighted by being appointed the Director of the Hefei Education Bureau (responsible for a school district of approximately one million students from 2008 to 2013!). She became the President of HPEC upon completion of her term at the Bureau. Ms. Fang’s leadership and service extends beyond the school. She is currently a Board member and vice chair for two early education and vocational committees for the National Ministry of Education and chairs a National Committee for Curricular Innovation in Early Childhood and Vocational Education. Ma Lijuan, Director of International Programs is a 2003 graduate of Anhui Normal University where she majored in English. She completed her Masters in linguistics and translation from USTC in Hefei. An outstanding international educator with a commitment to building educational bridges between cultures, Ms. Ma has done additional coursework at Bloomfield College and Maine in the United States and has worked collaboratively with educators in the US, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore,